PLEDGE WEEK….One of the reasons I agreed to move my blog to the Washington Monthly site back in April was because I’ve been an admirer of the magazine for over 20 years. I read my first issue in 1981 and I’ve been a fan ever since.

A few days ago the Monthly management suggested that we have a pledge week here at Political Animal. I thought it sounded like a great idea. But pledge week here is a little different from your standard issue public television pledge week. See, we don’t just want your money. We want your subscriptions.

I’m all for that. The Monthly is not the place to go for breaking news. That’s what they have me for. But it is the place to go for razor sharp articles that highlight political trends and skewer the oh-so-skewerable months before the mainstream press picks up on them. Dick Cheney as a disaster in the making? Right here. William Bennett’s embarrassing slot machine habit? We broke the story. The neocon fantasy driving the Iraq war? The Monthly had the scoop over two years ago.

Like most political magazines, the Monthly is not run for profit. It’s run to get ideas into people’s minds. These ideas won’t always make you comfortable, but they will make you think. So take out a subscription now and get all the content each month. It’s cheap! Just click the button below or call the toll-free number. And get a couple of gift subscriptions for your friends (especially conservative friends who could use some enlightenment) while you’re at it. You must know somebody who has a birthday coming up, right?

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