PLAME UPDATE….Here’s the latest in the Plame case:

A federal judge, in an order released yesterday, ruled that New York Times reporter Judith Miller cannot avoid a subpoena to testify about her private conversations with news sources before a grand jury investigating whether senior administration officials leaked the identity of a covert CIA officer to the media.

Hmmm, that’s quite a choice. On the one hand, Miller could cave in and we’d learn more about who outed Plame. On the other hand, she could stick to her guns and end up in jail. Which would I prefer? Choices, choices….

In other news, it looks like we might see more of George Bush’s National Guard records soon:

A federal judge has ordered the Pentagon to find and make public by next week any unreleased files about President Bush’s Vietnam-era Air National Guard service to resolve a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by The Associated Press.

….Pentagon officials told [U.S. District Judge Harold] Baer they plan to have their search complete by Monday. Baer ordered the Pentagon to hand over the records to the AP by Sept. 24 and provide a written statement by Sept. 29 detailing the search for more records.

The federal courts sure are busy these days, aren’t they?

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