KILLIAN MEMO UPDATE….In a story this morning in USA Today, Dave Moniz, Kevin Johnson and Jim Drinkard report that their copies of the Killian documents also came from Bill Burkett. Then there’s this:

In earlier conversations with USA TODAY, Burkett had identified the source of the documents as George Conn, a former Texas National Guard colleague who works for the U.S. Army in Europe. Burkett now says he made up the story about Conn’s involvement to divert attention from himself and the woman he now says provided him with the documents. He told USA TODAY that he also lied to CBS.

Burkett now maintains that the source of the papers was Lucy Ramirez, who he says phoned him from Houston in March to offer the documents. USA TODAY has been unable to locate Ramirez.

They sure didn’t report that on CBS News last night. Something tells me that Lucy Ramirez is suddenly going to be getting a lot of attention.

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