ORAL HYGIENE UPDATE….Brushing your teeth left handed turns out to be harder than you’d think. Assuming you’re right handed, that is. Which I am.

UPDATE: In comments, Matthew Longo points out that you can take a test to find out how right-handed (or left-handed) you are. The most well known is the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory, a 10-question test that asks which hand you use for writing, throwing, opening a box, and, yes, brushing your teeth. I scored 100% right-handed. In fact, there were only two categories where I considered ever using my left hand (using a knife and opening a box).

For comparison, here’s another test, which includes a few different questions. Once again, I scored 100% right-handed.

You can also go here to test your footedness (I’m “mixed right footed”), eyedness (I’m left eyed), and earedness (I’m left eared). It turns out that being strongly left-eyed and left-eared is pretty uncommon, which perhaps makes up for my garden variety right-handedness.

You learn something new every day, don’t you? Not necessarily anything useful, mind you, but at least new.