DELAY UPDATE….What kind of evidence does Ronnie Earle have against Tom DeLay? Earle isn’t talking, but the head of the grand jury that handed down the indictment against DeLay claims that Earle has a good case:

Grand jurors were presented a load of evidence, including testimony and phone records, that led them to believe Rep. Tom DeLay should be tried on a conspiracy charge, the leader of the Travis County grand jury that indicted the congressman said Friday.

“It was not one of those sugarcoated deals that we handed to [District Attorney] Ronnie Earle,” William M. Gibson said.

He added: “Mr. Earle has stacks and stacks of papers ? evidence of telephone calls from Mr. DeLay and everybody.”

Offhand, a stack of phone records doesn’t sound like solid gold evidence to me unless the testimony that goes along with them is pretty good. So the question remains: who’s squealing on DeLay and what are they saying?