FIGHTING BACK….Ronnie Earle is the Texas DA who’s currently pursuing an indictment of Tom DeLay for campaign finance violations. Mark Kleiman has a question:

Is anyone rallying the law enforcement folks behind Ronnie Earle?

I’ve only met him at a few conferences, but I know his reputation, and he rates about as high on professionalism as any D.A. in the country. But that doesn’t mean that Earle won’t get spattered by the current slime-and-defend if people don’t speak out for him.

Somebody in the Democratic party ? or one of those new million-dollar liberal think tanks ? ought to be helping out with this, too. After all, one of the jobs of an opposition party is to highlight corruption and hypocrisy in the majority party and to help out anyone else doing so. So why aren’t we seeing more descriptions of Earle as a tower of integrity in press reports?

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