KENTUCKY SENATE RESULTS….WKYT in Kentucky is reporting results for Fayette County already, and they show Bush ahead by 7 points with 90% of the precincts reporting. State polls have generally given Bush a lead of about 15 points, which means you probably need to add about 8 points to Fayette’s numbers to get a picture of how the entire state is doing. In other words, Bush is winning handily. No surprise.

However, the same results show Republican Jim Bunning losing to Daniel Mongiardo by 17 points in the Senate race, and even if you add 8 points Mongiardo is still well ahead. Obviously this is pretty iffy stuff, but it looks like Kentucky might end up as a Dem pickup in the Senate.

UPDATE: Nope, Bunning held on by the skin of his teeth. That’s a drag for the Dems.

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