ELECTION NIGHT IN ORANGE COUNTY….No, Dana Rohrabacher is not my congressman, but if I moved a few miles down the road he would be. OC Weekly tells us how he celebrated Tuesday night:

In politics, there are few images funnier than Rohrabacher; nothing?not even an angry Bob Dornan?tops an apparently intoxicated Rohrabacher wearing a red-white-and-blue Uncle Sam hat and a drunk?s smile. He grabbed the podium with both hands and stared at the overflow crowd as if trying to focus. Before he hooted and danced around the stage, Rohrabacher screamed, “We just saved America!….Kick ass!….America is back! Bin Laden is history!”

….Rather than grab his next beer, Rohrabacher wobbled back to the podium.

“What does this election mean?” he yelled. “The people of the United States don?t care if the people of Germany and France are behind us. We are totally leading the world to a tremendous tomorrow! It means we?re going to keep God in the pledge! People expect honest leadership, and….[he looked momentarily lost here] they know where they can go. George W. Bush is back to the White House! The people in Afghanistan are going to enjoy democracy! It?s a peaceful world! Thank you for staying strong and giving hope to America! Orange County leads the way. We are leading the country!”

Just thought I’d share.

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