CORNER OFFICES….Quick quiz: what do the following people have in common? And what do those numbers next to their names mean?

7. Condoleezza Rice
12. Andy Card
13. Dan Bartlett
22. Margaret Spellings
26. Alberto Gonzales

Answer: Aside from George Bush, these are the five people in the West Wing with corner offices. (The numbers come from a Washington Post graphic that identifies each of the offices.)

Note that three of them have just been promoted (Rice to State, Spellings to Education, and Gonzales to Justice), one is staying put (Card) and one is….well, we don’t know what’s going on with Dan Bartlett, do we? However, Mike Allen of the Washington Post suggests that he is likely to “assume an expanded portfolio, perhaps as Bush’s counselor, a title that was retired when Karen Hughes left in 2002.”

It just goes to show: sometimes conventional wisdom is right. Keeping an eye on the people with the biggest offices really can pay off….

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