COGNITIVE DISSONANCE….Is it possible for a parade of supposedly serious people to present arguments for why Social Security privatization is a bad idea but then, one after another, conclude their remarks with endorsements of Social Security privatization? Yes it is, if these people are handpicked by George Bush to agree with him at his carefully stage managed economic summit:

  • Panelist #1: Economic growth over the next 50 years will probably be high enough to keep Social Security solvent, but Social Security privatization is a good idea anyway.

  • Panelist #2: Big deficits are actually our biggest problem at the moment, but we should spend a couple trillion dollars on Social Security privatization anyway.

  • Panelist #3: Medicare is a much bigger and scarier problem than Social Security, but privatizing Social Security is important anyway.

If you want the full length version, Noam Scheiber has the grim ? but amusing ? details.