COGNITIVE DISSONANCE….Dale Russakoff writes in the Washington Post today about the low level of security that today’s workers enjoy compared to their grandparents. This paragraph is stunning:

Amid these rough waters, Social Security represents an island of stability. At 56, Cody is not likely to face benefit reductions, since every proposal so far exempts people 55 and older. But while she supports Bush’s call for private accounts, she said she worries more about the system’s long-term solvency.

I know what you’re thinking: that doesn’t sound so stunning. What’s the deal?

All I can say is: Read the whole article until you get to that line. You’ll read all about Kay Cody and her brothers and their kids. You’ll read about the instability in their lives. You’ll learn what the stock market did to Kay’s 401(k). You’ll learn about how envious they are of their father and his guaranteed pension and generous Social Security check. And then, after reading all that, you’re suddenly jerked out of your chair and told that Kay Cody thinks private accounts are a great idea anyway. It’s mind boggling.

This is What’s The Matter With Kansas? territory, and you just want to grab these guys by the shoulders and shake hard: If you want the government to provide more security, quit voting for the guys who are trying to tear it down! Here is Kay’s daughter:

“I see how my grandparents were able to get by, but my husband and I just struggle from paycheck to paycheck,” she said. “I don’t have a pension and I’m not expecting Social Security to hold up long enough for me. Where is all the government’s money going? Who is it benefiting? Nothing is benefiting me.”

That’s right! And things will stay that way until you STOP….VOTING….FOR…..REPUBLICANS!


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