BUSH AND SOCIAL SECURITY….Trawling through the latest Washington Post poll didn’t really produce anything especially newsworthy, but when you look at all the Social Security questions taken together the results are sort of intriguing. Here they are:

  • President Bush insists that Social Security is in crisis and won’t be able to fund future payments. 60% of the population agrees with him.

  • Bush’s favored solution for this is private accounts. 55% of the population supports this.

    And yet:

  • When asked who they trust to handle Social Security, only 37% of the population says Bush. 50% prefer the Democrats.

There’s gold in them thar hills if the Dems can just figure out a way to mine it!

On a related note, despite several weeks of nonstop fear mongering it’s notable that Social Security still isn’t that big a concern to most people: it’s rated as only the sixth most important topic (behind Iraq, terrorism, the economy, healthcare, and education). And tort reform, Bush’s other big initiative? It’s next to dead last. So far, the American public doesn’t really seem to share Bush’s priorities.

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