CANDIDE INVADES THE BLOGOSPHERE….I know, I know, I really need to ignore the wingnuts. It’s better for my blood pressure.

But honestly, I just can’t help myself sometimes. Instapundit links approvingly today to this post from Ann Althouse complaining ? seriously ? that the New York Times has changed one of the headlines on its website. Can you believe it!?! What’s more, the new headline isn’t as positive as the old headline. Bad New York Times! Biased New York Times!

Listen up, folks: the Times, like every other major newspaper, has a separate desk that handles its website. They don’t publish one issue a day, either: they update the site continuously. New stories get added, old stories get modified, headlines change, etc. That might be annoying to bloggers, but until a story is committed to print it’s subject to change. That’s how the web works.

The screenshot on the right shows the collection of Times headlines as of 8 pm on Sunday. There are eight headlines about Iraq, seven of which are heavily positive and one of which is about the the number of people killed by insurgents. The only way the Times’ coverage could be more positive would be to ignore the insurgent attacks altogether.

Which, I have a feeling, is what our conservative friends really want. No bad news, period, regardless of whether anything bad has actually happened. It’s a brave, new, best-of-all-possible-worlds out there, folks.

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