NEWSPEAK WATCH, PART 2….Over at Hit & Run, Jacob Sullum gets mail from The Man about his imprecise recent references to personal account program related activities:

Greg Crist, director of communications for the House Republican Conference, liked my column on Social Security. Well, most of it. As he explained in an e-mail message, he did not care for my use of certain explicit language that he feels has no place in public discussion of the president’s reform plan:

Every day, we fight reporters and Democrats for using the term ‘privatization’ b/c every poll worth its salt shows it frightens the public.

And here you write a great article, but use the term in the headline and everywhere else!

Can you help us out please? Dems love to demagogue. We shouldn’t help them.

Bad as it is for Republicans to covertly buy the assistance of commentators, it may be worse when they assume you’re on their team without having the decency to pay you.

The comments are pretty funny too.

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