DOUG WEAD RECANTS….Another thing I did while I was on vacation that I don’t normally do was to read USA Today ? the official newspaper of trapped hotel guests all across this great land of ours. On Monday they ran a letter from Doug Wead, the guy who taped all those conversations with George Bush back in the late 90s, and I wish I could link to it. Unfortunately, USA Today apparently doesn’t put letters to the editor online (though you can read a synopsis here).

Basically, it was an apology. But it wasn’t just an apology. You’ll have to trust me on this (or else go find a copy of Monday’s paper in a library somewhere), but like several apostates before him, what Wead offered up was nothing less than a full bore brand of forgive-me-for-I-have-sinned style groveling that was almost physically painful to read. And while I was reading it, what I wondered was this: how do they do it? How does the Bush family manage to scare so many people into public retractions of such Stalinesque thoroughness?

Hell, I’m not even sure I want to know the answer. Don Corleone had nothing on these guys, that’s for sure.

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