10 REASONS TO STOP JOHN BOLTON….Suzanne Nossel has a handy top ten list of reasons why John Bolton shouldn’t confirmed as ambassador to the UN. Sounds good to me. I may have been softer than I should have been about Paul Wolfowitz’s appointment as head of the World Bank, but the Bolton nomination really is bad news. I don’t know if the Democrats will be able to hive off a few moderate Republicans and derail the nomination, but they should try. (For more on this, Steve Clemons is your one stop anti-Bolton shop.)

Elsewhere on the same site, Suzanne and Heather Hurlburt (here and here) explain pithily what’s going on in Zimbabwe, how Robert Mugabe keeps winning elections, and why lousy media coverage will once again allow the Bush administration to take credit if Zimbabwean democratization forces manage to tip things over the edge in a few months.

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