TOM DELAY AND THE RUSSIANS….Garance Franke-Ruta read to the end of today’s Washington Post story about Tom DeLay’s 1997 trip to Russia and was appalled to learn that it was financed by a firm with “tight connections to the Russian security establishment”:

The United States of America cannot have one of its top congressional leaders taking money from people advocating for Russian military-intelligence and defense interests as part of a lobbying deal. It simply cannot. It is unacceptable for a critical leader in the U.S. government to be taken on a junket by groups working for foreign military interests or lobbying on their behalf, even if indirectly and without his knowledge.

Hmmm. Back in the mid-90s, wasn’t DeLay awfully vocal about opposing action to stop Serbian genocide in Kosovo? And wasn’t the Russian security establishment one of the biggest defenders of Serb interests?

I wonder if this subject happened to get mentioned between tee shots on that junket?

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