TOM DELAY AND THE RUSSIAN TYCOONS….The Campaign for America’s Future plans to run ads on Houston TV stations accusing Tom DeLay of corruption. DeLay says he’ll sue any station that runs the ad (KHOU report here).

So what does the ad say that DeLay objects to? The fact that he’s been indicted? That’s perfectly true. The fact that he took money from Jack Abramoff? Also true. Perhaps the fact that he’s accepted hundreds of golf trips, private airplane flights, and expensive stays at world class resorts from friends? That’s public record as well. So maybe it’s this:

One million dollars from Russian tycoons to allegedly influence his vote. One million dollars from Russian tycoons?

You need to watch the video to catch the announcer’s wonderful inflection on the second sentence, but you get the idea. The good folks of Sugar Land might not mind a bit of red-blooded American influence peddling, but they sure as hell don’t think much of taking money from commie tycoons.

For the record, here’s the Washington Post story that led to the charge:

The U.S. Family Network, a public advocacy group that operated in the 1990s with close ties to Rep. Tom DeLay….$1 million of its revenue came in a single 1998 check….from Russian oil and gas executives. Abramoff had been working closely with two such Russian energy executives on their Washington agenda, and…had helped organize a 1997 Moscow visit by DeLay (R-Tex.).

Russian tycoons! That’s the ticket!

UPDATE: From comments: “DeLay will sue? For what? Definition of character?”

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