WOOLLY BLOGS….Riverbend tells us about the Persian rugs that are commonly used in Iraqi homes:

The patterns and colors are repeated all over the rugs in a sort of symmetrical fashion. If you really focus on them though, you can often see a story being told by the flowers, geometrical shapes and sometimes birds or butterflies. When we were younger, E. and I would sit and stare at them, trying to ‘read’ the colors and designs ? Having them on the ground is almost like having a woolly blog for the floor.

Like having a woolly blog for the floor. That’s an appealing comparison, isn’t it? I almost feel like going out and buying a Persian rug myself.

Read the whole thing for more details on (a) Iraqi carpeting customs and (b) her cousin being saved from a car bomb because he stopped to buy some carrots. Apparently that’s life in Baghdad these days.

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