BEING TOM DELAY….Dana Milbank reports on the travails of the House Majority Leader these days:

Tom DeLay sneaks around the Capitol like a fugitive these days, using back doors and basement passages to avoid television cameras. He skips meetings where reporters might get a chance to film his answers to their questions. He makes unscheduled appearances so he won’t attract a media mob and disrupt colleagues’ events.

….Yesterday’s installment of the chase began at 9 a.m., at the weekly meeting of the GOP House caucus. Last week, DeLay tried to thwart reporters by using the back door, but this backfired and he found himself cornered by cameras in the bowels of the Capitol, calling for security. Now, reporters suspect, he has aides figure out which entrance has the fewest cameras.

….When a photographer caught him slipping out the back door of his office last week, DeLay shouted for the photos to stop. For his weekly session with the news media ? off camera ? reporters yesterday were herded into DeLay’s office, while the leader was escorted into the back entrance by bodyguards and his press secretary.

Poor guy. What’s more, as Charles Kuffner relays, DeLay’s approval rating in his own district is now 51% disapproval vs. 42% approval. Dark days indeed.