DAMSELS IN DISTRESS….Last June, a black woman named Tamika Huston was reported missing by her family. USA Today picks up the story from there:

Rebkah Howard, Huston’s aunt and a public relations professional in Miami, tried to get the national media interested in the case. “I spent three weeks calling the cable networks, calling newspapers ? even yours,” Howard said this week.

Not much happened.

….”It’s stunning sometimes how hard it is to get the national media interested when it’s a minority,” [said Philip Lerman, co-executive producer of America’s Most Wanted and a former editor at USA Today.]

Good for USA Today for writing about this. Maybe eventually this kind of publicity will embarrass the cable folks into finding something else to fill their airtime.

UPDATE: Tamika Huston’s uncle emails to pass along the following two sites where you can get more information about her:

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