YET MORE CONSERVATIVE WEIRDNESS….I noticed the Corner’s peculiar fixation yesterday with “Commander-in-Chief,” the new ABC show starring Geena Davis as a VP who becomes president, but I just wrote it off as evidence of a slow news day. However, the Carpetbagger reports that it’s not just the Cornerites:

James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, in its daily alert to supporters, said yesterday that Geena Davis’s character name, Mackenzie Allen, “sounds remarkably, poetically like” Hillary Clinton, which apparently is proof that the show is conspiring to help HRC in 2008.

Are these people weird, or what? They go on endlessly about about how gender doesn’t matter ? no indeedy! ? but then they can’t help gossiping in horror when some TV network decides to air a banal political drama about a female president. They claim they aren’t really obsessed with Hillary, and then turn around and make the otherworldly claim that “Mackenzie Allen” sounds like “Hillary Clinton.”

Is it something in the water?

UPDATE: I guess some liberals are none too happy with the show either.

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