CINDY SHEEHAN….Jeanne d’Arc on Cindy Sheehan:

All the sliming of Cindy Sheehan going on suggests that the right would like her to be more Claudette Colvin than Rosa Parks ? an unworthy messenger, someone the country can’t hear because they can’t sympathize with her. But in a country where support for the war is sliding down a cliff, that’s obviously not going to happen.

But even if it did happen, it would be a thin hope to cling to. Just as there were people waiting behind Claudette Colvin, ennobled by her courage and ready to act, there are nearly two thousand families in this country who know too well what Cindy Sheehan is going through, and a lot of them want answers, too.

If you don’t understand the reference to Claudette Colvin, read the whole post.