ABLE DANGER UPDATE….Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer has gone public as the DIA liason to the Able Danger program that supposedly ID’d Mohamed Atta a year before 9/11, and the Navy officer who briefed the 9/11 Commission about Able Danger has apparently also been identified. Today, Shaffer says he thinks a few others will go public too:

A naval officer has also told reporters that he alerted the 9/11 commission about Able Danger but was ignored.

He hasn’t gone public, but The Associated Press yesterday identified him as Capt. Scott Phillpott, an expert in futuristic naval warfare.

Shaffer told The Post that at least two other members of the Able Danger team plan on going public “as soon as they get basically some guarantees from their own organizations that they can talk without being retaliated against.”

Both still work for the U.S. government, he said, adding that he also hopes the person who “ran the technology” for the program ? whom he identified only as a Ph.D. and a woman ? will go public.

It would be great for more people to go public about this, but what I’d really like is to see The Chart. How hard can it be to go through Able Danger’s files, find a copy of the chart, and see if Mohamed Atta’s name was really on it? Shaffer again:

Shaffer said he showed Able Danger files to other intelligence experts in the past and they agreed that “we really did have the goods on these guys before 9/11.”

But he said that so far, the Pentagon has been unable to locate the files.

“I know where I left them and they’re not there now,” he said, adding it was at a Defense Intelligence Agency facility in northern Virginia.

Why is the Pentagon stonewalling on this? I personally doubt that Able Danger “had the goods” on Atta ? it was probably something more equivocal than that ? but it’s inexcusable for the Pentagon to refuse to comment on this. Who are they protecting?

UPDATE: Over at Intel Dump, Jon Holdaway has some knowledgable speculation about what happened, who prevented Able Danger from coordinating with the FBI, and whether or not they were justified in doing so.