TIME TO REEVALUATE?….Andrew Tobias today:


Tom Friedman in yesterday?s New York Times: ?Last year, we cut the National Science Foundation budget, while indulging absurd creationist theories in our schools….?

I just want to stress that those of you who are Republicans or libertarians are welcome in the Democratic Party.

  • We don?t rack up massive deficits without good purpose (the last one we racked up was to fight and win World War II).

  • We find ways to topple and imprison genocidal dictators like Milosovich at relatively low cost ? we would have been more effective with Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

  • We would be encouraging embryonic stem cell research, not seeking a global United Nations ban (which, thankfully, we ?lost? most recently, 79-80).

  • We don?t believe Tom DeLay should make life?s intensely difficult choices for your daughter or your dying parent.

You won?t like everything about us. But overall, isn?t it time to reevaluate?