TOUCHY….One gets used to idiocy from Michelle Malkin, but this really has to take the cake: a gleefully posted photograph of….Arianna Huffington tooling around San Francisco in an SUV! Not an SUV she owns, mind you, and not even an SUV she rented. An SUV that someone else sent to pick her up at the airport.

That’s pathetic. If this is the best example of hypocrisy Malkin’s sleuths can find, Arianna must live the life of a saint. Then, to demonstrate an even higher level of obsessive-compulsive disorder, Malkin called the Sierra Club, which sent the car, to ask about it:

I asked [Sierra Club national spokesman Eric] Antebi whether any of the staff at the Sierra Club headquarters owned and drove SUVs. He stumbled and said the group didn’t keep track of who drove what. It’s “a personal decision,” he explained. “People drive different cars for different reasons.”

Well, um, exactly. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if these anti-SUV green busybodies took the same attitude towards the rest of us and left our car choices alone?!

People who drive SUVs sure are touchy, aren’t they? You’d almost think they felt guilty about something. I wonder what their objection is to a private organization spending privately raised money to promote behavior that will lessen our dependence on Saudi oil? Seems downright conservative to me.