FEELING THE HEAT….Is USC planning to give its fans heart attacks every week? Or are they just going to go ahead and lose this time and get it over with?

I’ll go for option 1, since Pete Carroll seems to have some kind of pact with the devil when it comes to locker room pep talks at halftime. But we’ll know soon.

THIRD QUARTER UPDATE: That’s more like it. But can I just say that this “excessive celebration” nonsense has really gotten out of hand? And video review is an abomination that slows down the game and isn’t any more accurate than calls on the field. Just thought I’d vent a bit about that.

FINAL UPDATE: Trojans win 38-28. That was a nailbiter, though, and a helluva game from Arizona State. USC sure doesn’t look as invulnerable as they did last year, do they?