SCOOTER LIBBY: HIT MAN, NATURE LOVER, OR HOPELESS ROMANTIC?….In his letter to Judith Miller urging her to testify before the grand jury, Scooter Libby closed with this mysterious turn of phrase:

Out West, where you vacation, the aspens will already be turning. They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them. Come back to work ? and life.

What does it all mean? Three theories:

  • Mickey Kaus: Libby’s writing in code! “And you know what happens to the aspens that sever their deep connections and fail to turn with all the others, don’t you, my little pretty?”

  • Jeralyn Merritt: Libby just likes aspens! “The last weekend of September is known in Colorado as being the aspen-turning weekend and they do turn in beautiful clusters. It’s a big deal in the mountain states. Also, his comment about her liking to visit the mountains is probably true ? she’s a member of the Aspen Institute’s Aspen Strategy Group.”

  • Laura Rozen: Libby has a weakness for purple prose! “I remember flipping through Libby’s novel several months ago, set in Japan, the same sort of tone and haiku imagery….All I’m saying is, the novel suggests, this is just how the guy writes!”

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