BAMBOOZLED?….My favorite Miers quote so far. This one is from an anonymous lawyer who is “a conservative Christian and worked with Harriet Miers in Texas”:

Harriet worships the president and has called him the smartest man she?s known. She?s a pretty good lawyer….This president can be bamboozled by anyone he feels close to. If a person fawns on him enough, is loyal, works 25 hours a day and says you?re the smartest man I ever met, all of a sudden you?re right for the Supreme Court.

Sounds about right. Maybe we’re all just overanalyzing this thing….

UPDATE: Second favorite quote comes from Dan Drezner:

Would Miers ever be an answer to any legal question that starts, “Name the top nine lawyers who _____” ? besides serving George W. Bush for an extended period of time? In a post-Katrina environment, that dog won’t hunt.

Something tells me the “favorite quote” competition is going to be pretty fierce before long.