THE M&M TEST….Ann Althouse on Harriet Miers:

I have yet to see a single piece of writing by Harriet Miers dealing with an issue of constitutional law or even anything purporting to demonstrate the analytical, interpretive skills required to serve on the Supreme Court. The nomination was announced on Monday. It’s Thursday. Can we have something in writing that shows her mind in action, that inspires confidence that this is a person whose judgment we should all trust for the next two decades?

That would be something, wouldn’t it? Not one single piece of relevant legal writing. Surely they’ll come up with something?

On the other hand, David Kuo says she passes the M&Ms test:

Harriet used to keep a humidor full of M&Ms in her West Wing office….Her door was always open and the M&Ms were always available. I dared ask one time why they were there. Her answer: ?I like M&Ms and I like sharing.?

….When she was elevated from staff secretary to Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy everyone was shocked. She didn?t know policy. She wasn?t a wonk. In fact, a lot of policy staffers rolled their eyes when she instituted new procedures for launching initiatives, managing information, and reviewing policy. But she never changed. Plus, the M&Ms were still there.

Well, I like M&Ms too, but I’m not sure they’re quite the character reference Kuo thinks they are. Is this really the best they can do?

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