CHENEY AND PLAME….Today’s Washington Post story about Dick Cheney being a target of the Valerie Plame probe turns out to have no actual new information about Cheney being a target of the Valerie Plame probe. In fact, it quotes a former Cheney aide saying that “it is ‘implausible’ that Cheney himself was involved in the leaking of Plame’s name because he rarely, if ever, involved himself in press strategy.”

However, if you’re still holding out hope that Cheney is a target, Stephen Bainbridge confirms that both Democrats and Republicans agree that a sitting vice president can be indicted on criminal charges. Only the president is immune to criminal indictments. And of course, both president and vice president are vulnerable to civil suits, as the Supreme Court helpfully reminded us in the case of Clinton v. Jones. Joe Wilson says he and his wife may be taking advantage of that once Patrick Fitzgerald wraps up the criminal stuff.

And when might that be? The Post article isn’t very helpful on the Cheney front, but it does include this tidbit about timing:

In a move people involved in the case read as a sign that the end is near, Fitzgerald’s spokesman yesterday told the Associated Press that the prosecutor planned to announce his conclusions in Washington, where the grand jury has been meeting, instead of Chicago, where the prosecutor is based. Some lawyers close to the case cited courthouse talk that Fitzgerald might announce his findings as early as tomorrow, though hard evidence about his intentions and timing remained elusive.

Since the story is dated Tuesday, “tomorrow” refers to Wednesday. Stay tuned.