LA SPORTS BLOGGING….If Dodger owner Frank McCourt wants to fire general manager Paul DePodesta, that’s fine. But this is ridiculous:

[McCourt] said he was pushed to the breaking point by the team’s inability to put together back-to-back successful seasons.

A lot of people don’t like “the kid” and “the kid’s computer,” but one bad season is a lousy excuse for firing someone. McCourt should have both the grace and the guts to explain why he’s cleaning house, not just pretend that a single bad season is reason enough. Try telling that to Cubs fans.

In other Los Angeles sports news, I hope all you Texas fans enjoyed your week at #1 in the BCS rankings. Texas owes it’s #1 ranking not to the fact that the BCS computers ranked USC behind Texas last week, but because the computers ranked USC way behind Texas last week. This travesty of cyborg justice happened only because two of the computers inexplicably ranked USC #4 and #5 respectively, behind not just Texas, but also behind Georgia, Alabama, and Virginia Tech. However, Georgia’s loss this week combined with the mileage amassed by USC on the field ought to take care of that. The computers will probably still rank Texas #1, but not by enough to outweigh the obviously more considered rankings of the human judges, who understand quality when they see it.

See you in the Rose Bowl.

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