NEW HILTZIK BLOG….LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik, who guest blogged here a couple of months ago, now has his own blog up and running at the LA Times site. The blog, called Golden State, is outside the subscription wall, so you don’t have to register to read it, and it has an unmoderated comment section to give it that genuine blog look and feel. Here’s the URL:

Michael’s columns, which tend to be California-centric business pieces, will be posted on the blog every Monday and Thursday, and the rest of the time he’ll fill in the blog with anything else that comes to mind.

Michael’s guest blogging here was top notch, so I’m looking forward to what he’ll do with a blog of his own. As he says, “it?s a test of whether I can balance a schedule of twice-weekly columns with the daily demands of a blog and the rest of my normal life without melting down.” Good luck!