CALIFORNIA INITIATIVE ROUNDUP….The latest LA Times poll suggests that Arnold’s proposition blitz is in trouble:

By and large, the survey found the public siding with organized labor and its Democratic allies in their clash with the Republican governor. Barely a third of likely voters favor Proposition 76, his flagship proposal to curb state spending, and Proposition 77, his plan to give retired judges the job of drawing district maps for lawmakers.

Also in trouble is Proposition 75, Schwarzenegger’s plan to require public-worker unions to get written consent from members each year before spending dues on political campaigns.

The advertising campaigns have been nonstop on local TV, and for my money the award for best commercial goes to the opponents of Prop 77, the redistricting initiative. In heavy rotation right now is one ad starring Judge Wapner ? Judge Wapner! ? who’s anti-judge when it comes to drawing district boundaries, and another ad starring a group of shifty, inept, gum chewing judges cutting up boundaries in a back room, ending with a picture of California transformed to look like Texas. Boo yah!

The award for strangest advertising goes to the opponents of Prop 79. Their ad, pictured on the right, is currently running in the Guardian, which, the last time I looked, was a British newspaper. Note the clever use of a German in-box, which is either a funny mistake or else an ultra-sly allusion to those famously persnickety German bureaucrats. Take your pick.

And me? I usually vote No on everything unless there’s a spectacularly good reason to vote Yes, and nothing on the special election ballot this month rises to that level. So voting will once again be pretty easy in the Drum household.