EDUCATION BLOGGING….You know what the world needs? A good education blog. I read both Eduwonk and Joanne Jacobs, and although they’re both decent reads, neither one of them really offers much in the way of analysis. They’re mostly just links with a little bit of connective tissue. At the other end of the spectrum, Bob Somerby is morphing the Daily Howler into an education blog, and I’m following along to see how that goes. However, in his first few posts he’s gone pretty far in the other direction, offering commentary so detailed that it’s all too easy to get lost in the weeds.

I’ll keep reading all three, but I’d still like to find something in the middle: authoritative enough to give me a real sense of what the issues are and how to think about them, but not as exhaustive as a Brookings white paper. Any suggestions?

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