FIRING ROBERT SCHEER….Today, LA Times editorial page editor Andr?s Martinez takes a stab at explaining why Robert Scheer is no longer writing for them:

Scheer’s impassioned prose has graced these pages for 13 years….Assessing the merits of a column, like assessing the merits of a movie, is a subjective exercise, so readers can agree to disagree over the wisdom of our decision. It’s inaccurate, however, to ascribe ideological motives to our decision to stop running Scheer’s column.

Some readers have complained that The Times is conspiring to silence liberal voices on the Op-Ed page. Others have gone so far as to suggest that Scheer is being punished for opposing the war in Iraq.

I’m pretty easygoing about stuff like this, but even I find this vaguely insulting. We’re given several reasons Scheer wasn’t fired ? Not too liberal! Not because of ideology! Not for opposing the war! Not because his prose was too passionate! ? but never given a reason why he was fired.

If they want to fire the guy, then fire away. If they want to keep quiet about the reasons, I guess that’s fine too. But if you write a special box solely to tell your readers why he was let go, shouldn’t you actually tell your readers why he was let go?