OSM LAUNCH….Open Source Media ? formerly Pajamas Media ? had its big rollout yesterday, and it was an odd affair. I never really understood what OSM was about, but I figured they’d explain themselves at their launch party and then I’d get it. Except that they didn’t. The main site is here ? bankrolled by $3.5 million in venture capital money! ? but all it contains is a couple of posts, some newsfeeds, and an explanation (as of noon on Thursday) that they are actually OSM, not Open Source Media, so no worries over Chris Lydon’s trademark of “Open Source.”

Everyone else is as befuddled as me, which is an odd reaction to a product launch, but perhaps OSM is just running behind schedule and decided not to put off the party just because there was no actual product yet. It wouldn’t be the first time in the high tech biz.

In any case, James Joyner did a bit of asking around and has a long post about OSM here. Jeff Jarvis continues to be confused here. And Dennis the Peasant is your one stop shop for insanely bitter former partner who was tossed into the gutter by the current management.