DON’T BOMB US….In the ever expanding blogosphere, the latest entry is a blog from several Al Jazeera staffers titled, appropriately, “Don’t Bomb Us.” Here are five things they would like you to know:

  1. Al Jazeera was the first Arab station to ever broadcast interviews with Israeli officials.

  2. Al Jazeera has never broadcast a beheading.

  3. George W. Bush has recieved approximately 500 hours of airtime, while Bin Laden has received about 5 hours of airtime.

  4. Over 50 million people across the world watch Al Jazeera.

  5. The Al Jazeera websites are (Arabic) and (English)., and all other variations have nothing to do with us.

For what it’s worth, item #4 is really the only one that matters. After all, whatever war it is that we’re fighting, it’s obvious that it’s primarily a war of ideas ? and the only way to win that war is via persuasion. Al Jazeera’s 50 million viewers are our core audience for our ideas, and bombing their headquarters sure isn’t going to do anything to get those viewers on our side.

In any case, “Don’t Bomb Us” is your one stop shop for all news about George Bush’s alleged desire to reduce Al Jazeera’s headquarters to rubble. Check it out.

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