FOX AND AL JAZEERA….By the way, does everyone know that Fox News, like pretty much all new outlets, pays Al Jazeera a fee for the right to use their footage? I mean, Al Jazeera is just the thinly disguised mouthpiece of Osama and Saddam, so you’d think a toughminded organization like Fox ? which has criticized CNN’s decision to keep its Baghdad bureau ? would be willing to buck the trend of its liberal media brethren and refuse to pay fees that do nothing except lend aid and comfort to known terrorist organizations.

I suggest a letter writing campaign.

UPDATE: And speaking of CNN, surely no one believes that they were the only news organization that played footsie with Saddam in order to keep their bureau open, do they? So when is everyone else going to fess up? Or are they just going to let CNN twist slowly in the wind and hope that no one ever calls them out?