MORE SOUND SCIENCE….The Fish Passage Center is an agency in Portland, Oregon, that counts endangered fish in the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Last summer, based on data from the FPC, a federal judge ordered that water be spilled over federal dams in the Snake River to increase salmon survival.

Question: Suppose you are a United States senator who has been named “legislator of the year” by the National Hydropower Association and are therefore unhappy about this ruling. What do you do?

  1. Openly make the case to your colleagues that electric power is more important than salmon and try to muster up the votes for a change to the Federal Salmon Plan.

  2. Work with the scientific community to see if there are additional programs that might increase the salmon population without affecting the dams.

  3. Since it’s the Fish Passage Center that produced the research used in the judge’s decision, eliminate their funding. After all, if we don’t like the data, we should stop collecting it.

Oh ? did I mention that you should pretend to be a Republican senator with that famous Republican dedication to sound science while taking this quiz? Does that make it easier to see that answer (c) is obviously the right one?