FACING REALITY….Over at The Corner, Andy McCarthy complains about a New York Times story today that describes the “sudden and thorough tarnishing” the Bush administration is suffering in Europe at the moment. His Cornermate Cliff May sets him straight:

When Richard Bernstein writes that ?it would be hard to imagine a more sudden and thorough tarnishing of the Bush administration’s credibility than the one taking place here right now, ” he?s reporting what he?s seeing and reading on the ground in Europe. I?ve been on the BBC several times in recent days and it?s really unbelievable.

….The U.S. is indeed taking an astonishing beating in the European media right now, abetted by those most virulent anti-Bush and anti-American politicians. Bernstein is reporting on this wave of America-bashing, I don?t see that he?s endorsing or encouraging it.

Welcome to the reality-based community, Cornerites! It’s true: when reporters report unpleasant news, it’s most often because there is unpleasant news on the ground to report. You can either accept that as reality and figure out a way to deal with it, or you can cover your ears and chant “liber-r-r-ral media” over and over in the hopes it will go away.

This is a start. A small one, but a start. Now, how about Iraq, guys?

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