BUSH IN THE BUBBLE….Time and Newsweek both have long thumbsuckers about George Bush this week, and although they take different tacks they have one thing in common: lengthy passages about how insular the Bush White House is. Take this from the Newsweek story, for example:

Lately, there are some signs that the White House is trying to dispel the image of the Bush Bubble (or Bunker). Last week, as part of a campaign to reach out to critics, the president addressed the Council on Foreign Relations, a bastion of East Coast establishment moderates. This week Bush will entertain a delegation of Hill Democrats (routine in the administrations of his father and Reagan, very unusual under this president).

And this is the good news! We’re supposed to be impressed that Bush actually gave a speech somewhere other than a military base (though he took no questions, natch) and plans to meet with a few Democrats this week. It’s a measure of just how far into his bubble Bush is that these kinds of routine activities are supposed to be newsworthy.

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