BREMER ON RUMSFELD….Anybody who writes a memoir obviously has a considerable incentive to try to make himself look good. And when you were the guy in charge of a debacle like the occupation of Iraq, you really, really have an incentive to try to make yourself look good.

That said, Paul Bremer is apparently pretty clear in My Year in Iraq that he and Colin Powell were the real hawks in Iraq ? hawk being defined here as someone who actually wanted to win, as opposed to someone who just wanted to test out pet theories of military transformation. The Weekly Standard has a series of excerpts demonstrating that Bremer and Powell (a) wanted more troops in Iraq and (b) wanted to gain control of the insurgency, while Rumsfeld just wanted to get the hell out.

Perhaps someday Rumsfeld will write his own book. I can’t wait.

UPDATE: Think Progress illustrates Bremer’s strenuous efforts to make himself look good here. It’s a pretty safe bet that no one is coming out of this debacle with his reputation intact.