EVENING ROUNDUP….I’m sure there will be other, more comprehensive tributes in the months to come, but of the Betty Friedan obituaries in the major newspapers today, I think Elaine Woo’s in the LA Times is the best.

In a somehow related-and-yet-not vein, the Guardian has a fascinating little story about Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird. I always sort of wondered what happened to her, and now I know. Sort of.

And in an entirely unrelated vein, a reader wants to know what my serious take is on the Danish cartoon affair. Here it is: I think the press has an absolute right to print those cartoons. But you knew that already.

Finally, you should certainly read this article in the Washington Post about the NSA’s domestic spying program. I’ve got other stuff to do tonight, but I’ll probably have more to say about it in the morning.

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