HOW ARE WE DOING?….Dan Drezner points to an interesting recent poll that lets us know just who our friends really are. First the good news:

With Iran included in this year?s poll, it has displaced the US as the nation with the most countries giving it a negative rating.

The Iranians are really disliked, and I imagine that their combination of nuclear instransigence and Denmark-baiting in recent weeks has only made things worse for them.

Since I’m an American, though, I’m more interested in world views of the U.S. ? and while Iran may be doing even worse than us, the news on the home front isn’t exactly good:

The poll shows that the US has lost ground in some key allied countries. Among the 20 nations polled in 2004 as well as this year, on average positive ratings have dropped five points; ratings have significantly declined in 10 of these tracking countries (including the US) while significantly improving in only five.

At least they like us in Poland and the Philippines. More significantly, our approval rating is quite high in Afghanistan, which is genuinely good news. If only we could do as well in Iraq.