SELF-CENSORSHIP….I happen to think that Andrew Sullivan’s crusade to browbeat American newspapers into printing those now-famous Danish cartoons is severely wrongheaded. Freedom of speech gives Jyllands-Posten the right to run the cartoons if they want to, but it likewise gives the rest of us the right not to be bullied into doing the same just to prove we’re not cowards. That kind of nonsense should be left on the kindergarten schoolyard where it belongs.

And yet….I have to admit….if you dedicate a weekly cartoon roundup to this very issue ? a roundup that includes examples of several cartoons mocking other religions as well as a warning that “fearing editorial censors, not to mention firebrand jihadists, U.S. cartoonists did a lot of self-censoring” ? it’s hard to figure out any good reason not to run at least one of the offending cartoons so your readers know what this is all about.