GOOD TERRORISTS AND BAD TERRORISTS….A year ago I wrote about the strange case of Luis Posada Carriles, a well-known terrorist who was, very reluctantly, taken into custody by the Bush administration after holding a series of press conferences in Miami last May.

Reluctantly? Yes. You see, Posada mostly restricts his terrorism to blowing up hotels in Havana and trying to assassinate Fidel Castro. He was also the mastermind of an Air Cubana bombing in 1976 that killed 73 people. Both Cuba and Venezuela have requested his extradition.

In a defense rich with irony, Posada has fought his extradition by claiming he is likely to be tortured if he’s turned over to the Venezuelan authorities. The Bush administration didn’t even bother arguing about it, so the only question remaining is whether Posada will be extradited to some other country or simply set free ? and the smart money is on setting him free. As it turns out, when the Bush administration says it’s against terrorism, it means that it’s only against the bad kind of terrorism.

Kevin Jon Heller at Opinio Juris has the whole story.