POSADA UPDATE….It’s been a while since I updated you on the case of Luis Posada Carriles, a terrorist currently being held in U.S. custody without trial. Why no trial? The reason isn’t the usual one. It’s because Posada conducted his terrorism against Cuba, and we don’t have a big problem with that:

“A public trial of Luis Posada would certainly reveal embarrassing details on the degree to which U.S. covert operatives used terrorism as a tool in the 1960s,” said Peter Kornbluh of the independent National Security Archive at George Washington University.

Kornbluh has compiled declassified CIA and FBI evidence of Posada’s role in the 1976 plane bombing, near Barbados, of a Cuban airliner in which all 73 on board died. Among the documents in the archive’s online dossier is one recently obtained through Freedom of Information Act litigation that shows Posada informed his CIA minders of the plot to blow up the airliner three months ahead of the attack.

….Posada returned to Florida in March 2005…after being pardoned by outgoing Panamanian President Mireya Moscoso in August 2004 after serving four years for attempting to kill Castro at a Panama summit in 2000.

Moscoso’s clemency decree for Posada and three U.S. militants was seen as a favor to the Bush administration in a presidential election year when the Cuban exile vote in Florida was vital.

The Bush administration doesn’t want to release him, doesn’t want to try him, doesn’t want to turn him over to Venezuela or Cuba (he might be tortured in those places!), and can’t find anyone else to take him off their hands. It’s quite a dilemma.