VACATION….I’ll be on vacation for the next few days, but as usual I have a couple of guest bloggers lined up to keep everyone entertained.

First up is Roxanne Cooper, of Rox Populi, who’s in Austin this weekend for SXSW, a music, media, and film festival. I’m not sure if she’ll be blogging about SXSW or about other things as well, but it’ll be good regardless.

Our second guest blogger, coaxed out of retirement for a brief return engagement, is the mysterious Ogged of Unfogged. He will be blogging about Swedish swimming instructors and related topics from his usual secret undisclosed location.

In addition, the staff of Washington Monthly might be popping in with a few posts as well.

Obviously the tone is going to be a wee bit different here for the next few days, but different is good. Right? I’ll be back on Tuesday. See you then.