THE NEW AL GORE….Former Washington Monthly intern Ezra Klein is on the cover of the American Prospect this month with a look at the New Al Gore:

Since his loss, Gore has undergone a resurrection of sorts, shrugging off the consultants and the caution that hampered him during the campaign and ? aided by new distribution technologies ? evolving into perhaps the most articulate, animated, and forceful critic of the Bush administration. And now, with Democrats taking a fresh look at a man they thought they knew and speculation mounting around his ambitions in 2008, it seems that the man much mocked for inventing the Internet is in fact using the direct communication it enables to reinvent himself.

Is Gore taking on the mainstream media? Dedicating himself to fighting global warming? Gearing up to run for president again?

Or is it all three? Read the whole thing and decide for yourself. Personally, I always liked the old Al Gore, but I like the new one too ? and I probably like him more than any of the other obvious 2008 presidential candidates. I’ll bet I’m not alone.